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But WHO is Bare Branding Co. ??


Let's set the scene. It was the first wave of quarantine-- 2020. Many of us found ourselves in a confusing state, Bare Branding Co-Founders George Hanna and Rachel White certainly did.


Both located in the North Texas area, these two individuals had a peculiar meeting, a true 21st century happening. While aimlessly swiping through Tinder one night, they made a connection. After a year of messaging and late night hangouts... These two birds turned their lusty relationship professional-- ONLY.  Don't worry folks, no tied up emotions or tension here anymore!

An HGTV star contractor by day, and hookah fanatic by night, George owns and operates a few small businesses in the DFW area. Rachel on the other hand, is a newly unemployed twenty-something year old wannabe comedian, finishing her MBA. What could go wrong. 

The idea of Bare Branding Co. was dreamt up in late March of 2021, and here we are just a short time later. So at least you know, we move fast! Self described as the "Muscle" of the company, George has the drive and excitement leading this adventure, while Rachel leads with the "Heart," creativity and necessary anxiety. Again, what could go wrong!!

All jokes aside, Bare Branding Co. believes that small businesses need more access to affordable marketing and branding services. With various industry experience between us, we feel that our own strengths make us an efficient and effective team--despite our interesting forthcoming. 

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